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Accommodation near our circuit

We're in co-operation with several other companies which are located in the vicinity of our track. Please find information of accomodation services below.

Hotelli Seurahuone @ Loimaa
This hotel is well-known for its' drinks and highly classy accomodation, tasty food and top bands. The hotel is located just 15 minutes away from Alastaro Circuit. For moreinformation, click to www.loimaanseurahuone.fi.

Holiday appartment of Alastaron Urheiluautoilijat
All-around year holiday apparment with all necessary luxury to be rent in the surroundings of Alastaro Circuit and Golf central. Build at 2002. Downstaris includes kitchen with full equipment, two bedrooms, electric sauna, bathroom, two toilets and two terraces. Includes electric heating and storage fireplace. Cold and warm water, tv and radio. Upstars includes wide bedroom, living room and terrace. Accomodation for 15 persons. More information: http://www.aua.fi/vuokraamokki

Toimintaloma – More information
Cottages, smoke sauna, big heating tub. 8 minuts driving from the Alastaro Circuit.
Clean swimming waters, facilities for accommodations and chillout.
Located in enlightened nature course: www.harjureitti.fi
phone. +358 400 595 898, e-mail: esa.lahteenmaki@toimintaloma.fi

Kylämattilan Kestikievari - More information
Well equipped accomodation and meeting place. Breakfast possibility.
Subscription eating for groups. 15mins of driving from Circuit.
phone. +358 2 764 1919, gsm. +358 400 648 902

Ryötin tila - More information
Beach cottage to be rent. Subscription eating. 20mins of driving from Circuit.
phone. +358 2 768 2077, gsm +358 40 752 7353

Paalupaikka - More information
New holiday appartment in the vicinity of Alastaro Circuit
Closeby ski trails and hiking routes.
gsm. +358 45 130 9063, fax +358 2 766 1500, @-mail paalupaikka@netti.fi

Villa Haapsaari - More information
Bed & Breakfast in surroundings of Lake Pyhäjärvi at Säkylä.

Accomodation of Kylä-Heikkilä - More information
Bed'n breakfast in the vicinity of Alastaro Circuit. 5mins driving to Circuit.
phone. +358 2 766 9999, +358 50 9116 778, @-mail kyla-heikkila@pp.inet.fi

Hotel Nummentupa
Cosy accommondation and meeting place with sauna and swimming beach.
15mins driving from Circuit.
phone. +358 2 764 8032, gsm. +358 50 3634831, fax +358 2 764 8032

Hotel Hirsiformula
Premium cottage by the side of Circuit.
Tomminkuja, 32560 Virttaa, gsm +358 50 541 0332

Cottage of Kyrön Seudun UA - More information
Premium and round logging cottage by the side of the Circuit.
Mikankuja 21, gsm +358 50 342 6500

Hotel Veskula - More information
Cottages for rent in the vicinity of Circuit.
More information: gsm +358 400 665 059

Hotel Harjun Helmi
Premium and spacious villa in the vicinity of excellent sports routes. Circuit is not far away. More information: Pentti Toivonen, gsm. +358 400 807 786

Cottage of Rattle-Nest MC - More information
Premium cottage next to Alastaro Circuit
Tomminkuja 4, 32560 Virttaa, gsm +358 40 733 8244

Hennijoen kansakoulu
Ckick for more info: http://www.huvila.net/cgi-bin/pager.cgi?huvila=2256&kieli=suomi

Hotel Kisatupa - More information

Holiday appartment build at 2007 in the vicinity of golf club and excellent ski and hiking trails. More information and reservations: Mikko Karonen, gsm. +358 44 333 1416,
e-mail: mikko@karosensaha.fi

Kotirinne - More information
Big house for rent in peaceful location. Approx 1kms to the centre of Alastaro town. Accomodation for eight (8) people. Includes Sauna.
Menninkäisentie 6, Alastaro. More information and reservations: gsm. +358 40 855 5588

Cottage of Virttaan Eräveikot
Cottage for rent in the vicinity of Alastaro Circuit.
More information and reservations: Aarno Salonen, gsm. +358 500 467 218

Cottage V12
Cottage to be rent in the vicinity of Alastaro Circuit. Accomodation for 6+4 people.
Tomminkuja 3, 32560 Virttaa. More information:: Reijo Lehto, gsm. +358 50 3010 803.
e-mail: oy.peikko-yhtio@pp.inet.fi

A cottage next to Alastaro Circuit to be rent. Häkkisentie 2, 32560 Virttaa.
More info and reservations: Pentti Jussilainen, gsm +358 500 523 350.

Kanniston Kotieläintila
Includes rooms for 2-5 people and five four person storehouses. A possibility to have a full- or halfboard or bed and breakfast.
Mirja and Tauno Suominen - Kannistontie 172, 32440 ALASTARO
phone +358 2 764 1162, gsm. +358 40 716 3945, fax +358 2 764 1618
@-mail kannistontila@pp.inet.fi
More info: www.kannistontila.fi


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